Tips to keep in mind when buying outdoor signs

Are you looking for a way to attract new customers to your business or establish a brand image? One of the best ways you can do so is by investing money in creating an outdoor sign. These signs can leave a huge impact on anyone that passes by your outlet or store. Since you want to attract customers, you have to be careful in buying an outdoor sign. Of course, it starts by choosing a professional business sign maker like Made By Landmark but there are some tips too that you can follow:

Choose the right type of sign

You will come across a variety of signs and not all signs can be a perfect fit for your business.  You have to be sure the sign you choose is compatible with your business.  The sign should offer maximum visibility for your business.  Here are some of the common types of signs you will come across:

  • Pole signs (They are meant to promote visibility from a distance)
  • Wall signs (They help develop a clear connection between the sign and the place of business)
  • Wayfinding signs (These signs help customers in determining where to enter or park)

Select the material carefully

The sign lettering could be neon or adhesive vinyl. Apart from these, other common materials used for lettering include foamcore, wood, and plastic. The sign materials are available in different levels of quality. If you can find a company that offers warranties for its materials, then you will be making a fair deal.

Go for durability

The outdoor sign you choose should be durable. Since it is going to be displayed outside, it should withstand all weather conditions. For this, you have to be sure that quality materials are used for creating the sign.  It should be installed in its place firmly.

Keep it flexible

You might have to change the outdoor sign over time as your requirements change.  It would be great if you go for such a design that can be updated whenever necessary.  If in future, you have to tweak the sign, you will be able to do that without making any major modifications.

Follow the zoning regulations

Since you will be using this outdoor sign for business, you have to specific about the regulations. If the zoning laws prevent you from installing a particular sign, then make sure you follow the regulations. Not all sign companies are familiar with local regulations. But as you are operating in the particular area, you should gather all the right information to comply with the regulations.


The cost of the outdoor sign depends on the content, material color and size chosen. If you have to produce a gigantic sign, then it will be expensive, of course.  Keep this thing in mind that an effective outdoor sign can prove to be a great investment for your business. So, whatever money you will spend here is going to be worth it.

Remember one thing that sign companies are mostly busy in summers. So, the turnaround may be longer than expected.