Real Estate Investing – Don't Just Get The DEED – The Infamous "Kitchen Table Closing"

Here is a question from one of my Clients about purchasing a house using a kitchen table closing. My quick answer … Beware!

Q: Hi Lou, I have a property under contract that I want to resell / flip as-is to a rehabber / renovator, but I may have to purchase it quickly and simply record the Quit Claim Deed, without using a closing attorney or waiting for a title exam. I need your advice.

The seller just called me and left a message on my voice mail stating she did not want to sell to me because she received a better offer. Now I do have it under contract, with a signed purchase and sales agreement from her, and I had her sign a Quit Claim deed, too. I did that because she was fighting with her sister over ownership of this property, which was given to her by her mom who passed away 2 years ago. The deed is in her name alone, not the sister's, mom's or anyone else. I did see the deed and made a copy of it.

I thought I should get the Quit Claim Deed (QCD), just in case I needed to record it because of the family issues. The Seller agreed as well. She said she just wanted to get rid of this property. I also filed at the courthouse an Affidavit for the property showing I had it under contract, as you recommend. I'm in the process of getting a title check done by my title company.

Now what do you recommend I do? Should I go back to the courthouse and record the QCD or wait until the title search is complete to record the deed; or should I walk away, or should I choose to wait and schedule an attorney to do the closing?

Thank you, G.

A: Hi G., what you're describing is a little risky, yet it's done fairly often as is commonly referred to as a "kitchen table closing" since they are literally often closed right in the seller kitchen. It's a VERY good idea to get title exam run first, before doing a "kitchen table closing" especially if you are giving any money to the Seller.

Normally I wouldn't recommend you do your own closing, but since you're rushing your purchase so you can "preserve" your deal before the other Buyer moves in and buys it, and / or before the sister does anything rash … just be sure that the transaction has been up front, and that you truly intend to move forward as you agreed. I think that I would go ahead and file / record the QCD. I don't see that you have anything to lose, and a lot to gain.

I would then inform the seller that she can not sell to anyone else because she already has a binding agreement to sell to you, and that you already "technically" own the house (since you recorded the QCD). Let her know …

The Kitchen Table – Who Invented It?

Many little things in our everyday life come to us unnoticed and unappreciated such as wheels, erasers, scissors and things that make our lives easier and more comfortable. Have you ever thought “How would my life be without a table?” Things aren’t just there for any reason. Someone must’ve thought about why it should be there. Do you think kitchen’s have tables just because?

But who invented the kitchen table? Although there have been no solid proofs that the Ancient Egyptians started using the kitchen tables first or at least invented it, many believe that the kitchen tables purpose was to keep everything organized in the kitchen and not just for dining purposes. During the middle ages, the kitchen table was said to have been placed in the kitchen for the servants to dine on.

Not until October 6, 1896 did the kitchen table get a patent. One man, in the name of Henry A. Jackson, an African inventor decided it was time to organize the kitchen and patent his invention. At that time, kitchen counters or islands weren’t famous yet. The kitchen table served its purpose for preparing food and dining.

Like everything that dates back to ancient history, kitchen tables too have evolved and modified since then. The kitchen table has taken changes in shapes, sizes, color, material and design.

It’s hard to pin point as to who invented the table exactly. But for whoever he or she or they were, we should be grateful that we a have something to host every member of the family to bond over with for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Kitchen Table Golf

This list of DIY plumbing errors is not compiled with any degree of professional information, very the reverse if something. No a single will worry about bruising or scraping their arms or hands on the edge of the counter leading this function alone makes this German kitchen protected for any individual. What I am noticing with new kitchen designs is the integration of the much more formal living regions with open plan dining cooking and living spaces which is lovely to see. I hold a scruffy wireless keyboard around to lighten the load and for when I’ve completed anything in the kitchen. I identified a set of six chrome door pulls on ebay for only $9.99 (also pictured to the appropriate). As I suggested earlier, the choice of door configuration for a refrigerator is incredibly essential to the daily function of a kitchen.

Possessing a floor strategy that ‘works’ is just vital for a kitchen that is welcoming and functional. Whether you decide on the halogen light to be from the ceiling, below the cabinet or even at the floor, the halogen light will make a key statement in your kitchen. You can scour estate sales, ebay, and even some bigger thrift stores to locate a vintage set of cabinets, like the set pictured above discovered on ebay for an inexpensive $1450! You are wearing your security gear and you’ve placed drop sheets everywhere, you masked the counter and covered it too. I was prepared to sacrifice my kitchen table and eat elsewhere, but that may possibly not be an alternative for you. A range of appliances with special colour combinations, and sleek innovation techniques tends to make this handleless kitchen appear bold and domineering.

Slap these babies on your freshly-painted yellow cabinets in place of those old blasé wooden knobs…and folks will consider you have a complete new kitchen set. Your kitchen designer has to know about it and is responsible for the actual fit and finish. You can locate a very mod-50’s style set and slap some yellow paint on them to make a yellow retro look yours for the taking. Set aside the quantity of fresh herbs you can reasonably use in two or 3 days, and then chop up the rest, put them in a small plastic bag, flatten out the bag as much as possible, tie the prime and freeze flat. For snacks and fast meals, you can contain the mess and needed cleanup in the kitchen if your island has seating. One of the several other benefits to redesigning a kitchen is a single that you might not necessarily have believed of previously.

The wine racks supply sensible storage plus a decoration that is really proper in the kitchen. Nevertheless a drip, so I fill the sink up to the overflow and lo and behold the drip seems. Don rubber/latex gloves, safety goggles, old garments and have to-hand a full roll of paper kitchen towel, several old rags and a massive bottle of White …

Kitchen Table Golf (2)

Initial off, if you are pondering of painting your cupboards with a brush and or roller then you will get what you spend for. A greater use for the faux drawers beneath the kitchen sink ,is to get rid of the drawer and replace with a paper towel roll holder for a handy place. Utilizing matt based kitchen paints you can brighten up that dull and tarnished brackets holding your shelves up or maybe the door knobs on your cabinets. I never believed I would like 50’s style but I love that kitchen in the initial image. They are constructed from the highest good quality of material for customers who want a excellent kitchen. I go in the basement to get my stuff and water is dripping via the ceiling from the kitchen above! It was very tough for me to locate an image of a new kitchen with that kind of refrigerator.

Yes, the french doors are ‘sexy’…but sometimes hinged left or hinged right just tends to make much more several instances with the refrigerator placed at the left end of a kitchen leg, a hinged left refrigerator tends to make more sense. Look at those images and you will note, adding glass fronts is restrained and however it works exceptionally properly to add character to the kitchen space. If you use a colour that blends in with the rest of the kitchen then it will make the kitchen appear smaller. 1 can have monochromatic or multi-color schemes for the walls, or the kitchen cabinet.

Also, there are dressers that are complemented with chairs and open shelves, which will not only accommodate your utensils, pots and jars but also your chatty neighbors, pals, curious kids and rowdy loved ones as you perform in the kitchen.

1 such factor which wants a particular attention is Kitchen Cabinets.These are one particular of the most critical component of your most of the issues in the kitchen are to be stored in them so they need to be sturdy and have got numerous choices such as Aluminium cabinets,PVC cabinets,Wooden cabinets etc.

Possibly a curved floating kitchen island can be the solution, adding yet another dimension and extra cabinets for storage. Keep your kitchen products from receiving lost in the dark, black hole in each other kind of corner cupboard with corner space saving drawers. Her kitchen is quite country full with the copper counter tops but the crowning glory is her coordination of the roosters total to the switch plates.…